Transform Frontline capabilities

Augmented Reality (AR) brings the real and virtual worlds together. Imagine bringing such an experience to processes executed by the frontline. Thus integrating data (virtual) into existing visual workflows will empower the frontline driving continuous improvement. AR allows process engineers to “re-imagine” and innovate business processes as they have never done before.

Extending human potential using AR/ MR/ VR


Vieaura’s AR Apps are based on integrating guided instructions with an overlay of Contextual information tied to objects involved in the workflow. Personnel are able to interact based on this information to complete the process execution.

Immersive Experience

Engage employees in “rich” experiences including video, audio, hands-free, and gesture driven capabilities. Mixed/ Virtual Reality enable even deeper immersion thus driving innovative ways to execute process flows across various industries.

Enabling Informed Reality in the Industry

Digitalize Process Flows

Move beyond paper and the handheld! Digitalize processes using AR, thus improving process efficacy. Reduce cost of quality, optimize execution, and gain process reliability to achieve excellence.

Power up with Contextual Info

Overlay virtual elements – object attributes, relevant operational data in real-time. Usability is “significantly” enhanced during process execution based on contextual information presented.

Enable Mixed Reality Flows

Extend capabilities by enabling “mixed reality” – enabling an immersive experience. Now one is able to interact with virtual objects as well. Benefits include remote collaboration, immersive training, and high value interactions.

Decisions at the frontline

Analyze real-time location data with data captured during process execution. This opens up innovative ways to address frontline issues. Use cases can be further enhanced integrating process automation and machine learning techniques.

Our AR Toolbox


Right sized to current requirements. Scalable to your growing needs. The AR kit includes:

  • Secure AR Hardware
  • Accessories for connectivity
  • Accessories per industry


AR Apps are pre-configured per Vieaura's baseline specs. Platform capabilities allow for:

  • Process enhancements
  • New process builds
  • Integration with external systems
  • Integrating new features/ updates

SaaS Deployment

Eliminate IT overheads and focus on process execution, analytics, and continuous improvement. Multi-tenant deployment includes:

  • Secure data access & controls
  • Ongoing app/ feature updates
  • Support incl. firmware updates
  • Public/ private cloud

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