Digitalize Your Frontline

Vieaura’s Industry Leading SaaS Platform extends your access to the edge enabling guided workflows with built-in features that streamline Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs),  provide insight into asset performance, increase throughput and maximize productivity of your industrial workforce.

Integrate into your back-office applications using our API gateway with “zero customization”. Collate data in real-time or store & forward mode for dissemination and analysis to provide visibility needed to handle process exceptions and updates to downstream applications.

Vieaura’s Cloud Platform collates all your data in one location so you can have secure and reliable access anytime, anywhere. Data ingestion into proprietary models and rules engines allow for instant analysis supporting closed-loop control of processes in-flight. 

Under the Hood

iX Studio

Your No-Code XR framework for all your SOPs. Capabilities include:

  • UI for Process Build
  • Integrated Device features
  • Apps Catalog
  • API Gateway
  • Access Controls


Real-time Data Store with key features:

  • Process Logs
  • Structured & Unstructured Data
  • Audit Logs
  • App Analytics
  • User Analytics
  • Self-service Visualization

Admin Hub

Central repository for:

  • App management
  • Device onboarding
  • Security Controls
  • Documents (files, images, videos, etc.)

Vieaura provides tools to build augmented enterprise process flows integrating Handhelds, Wearables, AR, Cloud and Process Automation. Domain specific models and a zero-programing footprint support quick app deployments and accelerating time to value.

Vieaura’s No-Code XR Platform is built for easy authoring with no need for programming skills. Our customer success teams will work side by side with you to ensure a seamless experience. We help you go beyond by outlining options for process improvements and workforce optimization.