Integrating Real-time Location Context into your processes

A Real-time Location System (RTLS) detects the current geolocation of an object. The object can be a moving asset, material or a person. Integrating this data (location context) into existing workflows ensures highly reliability in Supply Chain Execution. As such, RTLS is a must have capability across various industrial use cases.

Location Precision

Vieaura’s RTLS is based on Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology providing accuracy of 30 cm with consistent reliability even in the most extreme environments.

Minimal Maintenance

Robust hardware designed for long term use. Configurable options provide for long battery life and variable refresh rates based on use case. Automated workflows requiring low maintenance.

Utilizing RTLS in the Industry

Real-time Material Flow

Transition to digital workflows with an integrated RTLS, thus enabling a end to end track & trace capability. This eliminates process errors, improves visibility and transparency leading to operation excellence.

Real-time Asset Tracking

Track physical assets – pallets, forklifts, guided vehicles and other equipment in your facilities. Thus reducing search times, improving asset utilization, enabling real-time inventory updates and monitoring.

Improve Workplace Safety

Extend the RTLS capabilities to safeguard employee safety at your facilities. Implement a people-aware environment to streamline flows. Benefits include peer to peer tracking, zone monitoring, improving emergency protocols, and integrating additional sensors to mandate a safe workplace.

Optimization Scenarios

Combine real-time location data with your MES, WMS, ERP systems to virtualize and model for process optimization. Use cases include streamlining traffic flow, asset utilization, employee utilization, facility layouts, and capacity utilization to name a few.

Our RTLS Toolbox


Right sized to current requirements. Scalable to your growing needs. The RTLS kit includes:

  • Tags to track various entities
  • Anchors to receive the signals from the tags
  • Accessories for a wireless/ wired deployment


The RTLS Software will be pre-configured to your requirements. Features allow for:

  • Real-time visualization in 2-D/ 3-D
  • Scenario analysis
  • Snapshot analysis
  • Alerts & notifications

PaaS Deployment

Eliminate maintenance overheads and focus on analytics, exceptions and optimization. Multi-tenant deployment includes:

  • Secure data access & controls
  • Ongoing feature updates
  • Support incl. firmware updates
  • Public/ private cloud

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