Continuity of Business Operations During a Pandemic

As business operations look to scale up keeping in mind COVID-19 guidelines, a significant portion of workforce continues to operate remotely. Today’s manufacturing comes with significant challenges in managing day to day operations. The pandemic has mandated reduced number of frontline workforce at facilities in line with state/ federal guidelines. Even the presence of supervisory/ managerial staff onsite is challenging and end up working remotely.

Despite this, organizations are challenged with continuing to maintain and improve customer service. The loss of visibility and control over the processes has become a critical challenge for remote staff. In addition, monitoring compliance with manufacturing and production standards, ensuring employee safety, and product/ process quality control have all become issues. 

Getting an operator perspective from anywhere, anytime is key. Vieaura’s Remote Assist application addresses this critical need.

Remote Assist enables one to support frontline personnel, including customers – minimizing any downtime. An individual or teams across any location can get immediate access to the issue at hand via video/ audio streaming. This is enabled via an Augmented Reality (AR) device from the operator location or can be initiated from a remote location where the one calls into the Remote Assist application on the AR device. The operator is able to provide immediate visibility into task being executed or issue being investigated. Conversely, the remote person is able to provide guidance to the operator in resolving the issue.


Our deployments have shown the following benefits of such an application:

  • Effective Field Support: no downtime in addressing the issue or elimination of unnecessary truck rolls
  • Real-time Process Visibility: ability to audit or quality checks tasks anytime, anywhere
  • Enhance Operator Knowledge: immediate access to experts with the ability to share past experiences/ subject matter expertise by having the right individuals on call
  • Improved Training Experience: sharing of richer contextual knowledge and an immersive experience

In crucial times such as these, it is imperative that organizations deploy such applications as these capabilities are the need of the hour to maintain operational continuity.

remoteassist operational continuity

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