Continuity of Business Operations During a Pandemic

Continuity of Business Operations During a Pandemic As business operations look to scale up keeping in mind COVID-19 guidelines, a significant portion of workforce continues to operate remotely. Today’s manufacturing comes with significant challenges in managing day to day operations. The pandemic has mandated reduced number of frontline workforce at facilities in line with state/ […]

Improving Efficiency and Reliability in Warehouse Operations

Improving Efficiency and Reliability in Warehouse Operations Current Distribution Operations of Parts to dealer locations suffered from a lack of improvement in process efficiency and reliability. Ongoing processing suffered from issues – claims, mispicks, safety, etc. Innovative approaches were required to break this status quo. This is where Vieaura came in with its augmented reality […]

Improving Quality of Audits in Food Production

Summary Consumers demand more transparency in the Food Supply Chain. Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) states that internal audits are one of the requirements that “add robustness and rigor to the base requirements of food safety principles”. Augment Reality transforms the Audit process from a simple checklist to an enriched data-driven workflow with enhanced abilities […]

How to improve your Track and Trace Initiatives

Track and Trace using augmented reality

Summary Need for transparency is paramount across the food supply chain Data silos continue to exist despite the transformational initiatives undertaken within areas like line operations, packaging and distribution Traceability is a critical requirement for the Food & Beverages industry The various handoffs which occur across the food supply chain can be streamlined using technologies […]

Benefits of Augmented Reality in Manufacturing

Augmented Reality in Manufacturing

As Manufacturing moves towards Industry 4.0, Augmented Reality (AR) is now a critical capability to work smart and gain the benefits of this technology. Combining this capability with trends like IoT, process automation and machine learning makes this very compelling.