Handling Layered Process Audits during the pandemic

Manufacturing operations at Kiekert Mexico, a leading Tier 1 Automotive Parts Suppliers, were impacted by the current pandemic due to headcount restrictions at their facilities. Ongoing shift level audits could not be carried out in a timely manner impacting throughput. They turned to Vieaura as they knew we could overcome this using one of our innovative products.

Product Specs

App: Remote Assist using AR

Device: Glass Enterprise Edition 2


Automotive/ Discrete Manufacturing


Layered Process Audit

Need for Innovation

Automotive OEMs mandate Layered Process Audits (LPAs) from their suppliers to ensure their operators are following SOPs every shift to minimize variation, defects and costs. Given the high frequency, these audits run into several hundreds each year.

Targeted outcomes are severely impacted due to the current pandemic. 

The Business Impact

Vieaura’s Remote Assist enabled the Auto Parts Supplier to effectively re-engage with their operators on the shop floor. This cut downtime to zero. It allows for real-time engagement and collaboration with various stakeholders within and external to the company. As a result, ongoing process improvements resulted in further standardization and proactive problem resolution.

The supplier further leveraged this capability to execute a “Line Readiness Review” remotely with their customer to showcase the new set up prior to starting production of the new product. 

Customer Feedback

"We are able to safely and effectively communicate with our peers to assess our operations and bring remote assistance to our staff on the floor. We see this innovation as a great driver to promote better communication and collaboration between departments, different plants and even customers, with potential savings in time and travel costs."
Quality Assurance Manager