Improving Efficiency and Reliability in Warehouse Operations

Current Distribution Operations of Parts to dealer locations suffered from a lack of improvement in process efficiency and reliability. Ongoing processing suffered from issues – claims, mispicks, safety, etc. Innovative approaches were required to break this status quo. This is where Vieaura came in with its augmented reality capabilities to enhance current processes.



Automotive OEM


Product Specs

App: Guided Warehouse Ops using AR

Device: Glass Enterprise Edition 2


Automotive/ Discrete Manufacturing


Warehouse Logistics

Need for Innovation

Warehousing operations have evolved over the last decade to using handheld devices, barcodes, etc. Despite the efficiencies gained, usability on the frontline remains an issue. The later arises due to workflow complexity, device form factor, and data usage constraints.

Outcomes flatlined. Fatigue remains an issue adding to long term risk.

The Business Impact

Vieaura’s Guided Warehouse Ops delivered the following gains to the OEM Distribution operations.

  • Overall throughput was up 5 to 7%
  • Streamlined flows eliminating count back and label verification steps thus reducing cycle times
  • Improved process accuracy in terms of bin mismatches, mis-picks, and claims
  • Added capabilities like image/ video capture reduced returns and claims processing times
  • Improved usability reduced training times (down to a few hours from days), but significantly improved retention
  • Hands-free approach eliminated long term injury risk
  • Downstream benefits (ERP, WMS) in terms of improved data accuracy and reliability

Customer Feedback

"It was good to see no drop in process efficiency for both inbound and outbound workflows. In fact, better throughput was achieved on the outgoing lines. This came about from eliminating redundant steps. We had some concerns with using these new devices, but it turned out to be a non-issue. Our teams were able to comfortably use the devices with in a few hours. Some additional benefits we have realized are increased data accuracy and reduced fatigue compared to using the current RF handheld units."
Warehouse Operations Manager

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